Got my Visa signed!

The pure happiness that ran through my body today when I say the Fedex truck pulling up to my house the same thime I came back from my run.. and YES it is my Visa papers signed and everything!! Victory!
I am so exited for Barcelona, seeing everyone again and party like I have never partied before.
Had a wonderful chat with Ismael the other day and he got me even more motivated to save money now. Why? Have you seen the new collection from Zara? *drewling*
With the tan I am working on I will pull those yellow jackets off! And yes I want the white on aswell, dah!
Saving saving saving.. finally getting payed tomorrow. You have no idea how much I need that!
Viva Espana!

Easter is on the way..

So exited for easter, why?
Easter Gifts!
I love the way my mum thinks and I am so desperate for new clothes. I really miss my closet at home. Moving to Aspen, my Winter and Ski geer took up way too much space. And it is SOO Hot over here right now. Today I wastanning for 10 minutes and I turned pink. This nice weather makes me happy working PM shifts. I have a plan to go for a run every morning and then 30 minutes working on my tan. Hopefully I will be in good, brown shape before Barcelona!

First run after the season

Spring has come to Aspen and the snow is turning into crap. I kind of have mixed feelings about this, love winter and love summer. Well I got a couple of good runs, managed to cover all four mountains so I might say that I am satisfied with my efforts this season.
Anywho, went for the first run today, amazing trails just around the corner from my house. Nice parks, no traffic, amazing rivers and beautiful view... well with Swedish House Mafia on my ipod everything s good.
I am really gonna try to get in good shape before my Barcelona trip, bikini time!
2 months to go :)

Turn me on

Kind of obsessed with this song at the moment..
"Make me come alive, come on and turn me on.
Touch me, save my life and come on and turn me on."
David Guetta feat Nicki Minaj - Turn me on


Sandra "Snus" Nilsson
Hermes House Band - Country Roads
Christina Aguilera - Dirty ;) haha
My sister and Best Friend through 23 amazing years, I love you and I miss you every day!
Me, Sandra and Mum at Sibbarp Beach, Malmö, 1990 something.

Playing around in the basement, 2000 something.

Poesing at Palmqvist's before our first night out at Aqua. haha.

No idea what we are up to here... ?

Last summer at "Båten"


The best of friends,
Can change a frown,
Into a smile,
when you feel down.

The best of friends,
Will understand,
Your little trials,
And lend a hand.

The best of friends,
Will always share,
Your secret dreams,
Because they care.

The best of friends,
Worth more than gold,
Give all the love,
A heart can hold.

Du e det finaste som finns, det vackraste i världen!

International Love

for those that brings out the best in us...

Nicole by O.P.I

Most amazing nail polish ever... fun and cool colors with the same O.P.I quality!
Try it!
I just bought one seethrough polish with glitter and small red heart.. love it!

You know you're Swedish when...

It is insane how well these things fit in on me, maybe I am not as international as I think I am ;) Proud to be Swede <3

You go seriously sentimental when entering an IKEA store, outside the borders of Sweden. Kind of want them to implement free things or at least discounts for Swedish passport holders. Going to send an e-mail to Ingvar ASAP.

Whenever discussing international problems you always, without exception state that “why don’t you do it like we do it in Sweden?” Hahaha flashbacks of Amanda in facilities class discussing environmental issues. "In Sweden..:"

You have serious difficulties crossing the street when there is a red light. Even when there are no cars. Ehm so what?

You get guilty conscience from throwing things in the dustbin that could have been recycled. Haha, I am still bitching about the lame recycle efforts the Americans do"

You take your shoes off when entering a house. It is called good manners.

You find the ads for Coca Cola during Christmas completely useless since no one would consider drinking any other soft drink than “julmust” during Christmas anyway.

Making fun of Norway is a national institution. And vise versa.

You are obsessed with health issues. Everything is bad unless it comes from Sweden, in which case its ok.

You find it normal to have to go to a special store that is owned by the government, that’s only open during daytime to buy a bottle of wine, or other alcoholic beverages. Glad to be out of Sweden on this point, the gas station works for me.

You split the check by the exact penny after eating at a restaurant. Hahaha true, but working on it!

You thought wall-to-wall carpets were a concept of the past or the ferries to Finland/Estonia/Germany/Denmark. Then you went abroad and realised that you were wrong.

You find the idea of wall-to-wall carpets in bathrooms and toilets simply appalling.

You consider Sweden the best place on earth and that Swedes are the most intelligent and beautiful people in the world. TRUE!

You have been accused of being from Switzerland. Repeatedly. OMG so many times and it doesn't get better by: Yes I am Swedish but I went to University in Switzerland! People outisde of Europe can not process this kind of information.

You just love singing “snapsvisor” while drinking any kind of alcohol.

You would never use public transportation without a valid ticket.

You generally consider the pre-party better than the night out in a club that follows.

You look forward all year for August when you get to gather your friends, put on stupid paper hats, drink vodka, sing and eat crayfish. Oooh you lovely Crayfish-parties!

You always go “That’s not REAL snow” whenever it snows in countries that usually don’t get snow.

It’s raining and you hear yourself say your grandmother’s wise words, “There is no bad weather, just bad clothes”

You constantly have to point out that not EVERYONE in Sweden is blonde, in fact you add that most people are not.

IKEA is home away from home.

You find it OBVIOUS that a mile is 10 kilometers.

You consider it tradition to get wasted and dance around a giant penis symbol stuck in the ground every summer. Can't wait!

You go to the downtown during a Sunday and don’t expect to meet a single soul during a 30-minute walk.

You think its completely normal to at least have studied one year of German, one year of French and one year of Spanish. Ser Gutt Ja, Si claro, Oui!

You know almost every other country in the world as well as most capital cities, or have at least studied this for a Geography test.

Every time you see a Swedish brand/actor/company/phone/car/furniture store you feel compelled to point that out to your friends (with badly hidden pride in your voice). I can honestly say that I feel genuine pride everytime i spot a Volvo in Aspen!

You find teenage mums shocking and very strange; because you don’t know anyone who had a child before 25, and you thought that was young.

Lösgodis (pick ‘n’ mix) becomes more desirable than cigarettes.

Your parents pay you every month for not eat candy for a year (or so). Good times, good times.

You in pure disgust try to tell your fellow peers that it’s basic human behavior to shower after PE and they look at you like you come from a different planet.

People say your name in fifty different ways, but no one can get it right. Story of my life. Theresa, theresa, theresa.. How hard can it be: THERESE!!!

You just love to ‘fika’, and know that it is an activity that is meant to last for hours and is not the equivalent of going for a coffee. Wouldn't mind a good "fika" right now.

You instinctively spot ‘Swedes’ from a distance just based on looks and what they’re wearing.

You think going to the pub for a drink is a waste of time if you’re not going to get drunk. HAHA

You have absolutely no idea what is meant by” Swedish massage” that keeps being advertised as a hot item in spas all over the world. ???

You’re not in Sweden you miss the hotdog stands where you can get a hotdog with shrimp salad when you have been out partying!

You celebrate Easter and Christmas a day before most other countries.

Easter means decorating some twigs in a vase with colored feathers, eating herring and painted eggs, and of course, dressing up as a witch and knocking on random neighbors’ doors in hope of getting some candy.

You feel bad if you’re not outside on a sunny day.

You find it completely normal, when going to a pre-party (förfest) everyone has their Systembolaget-kasse in the fridge and notoriously keep track of which liquor is their liquor!


This amazing post is acctually from my Lovely friend Amandin's blog, please check it out!

Me and Amanda at Mellow Yellow in Malmö!


The Macarena truth

we have all been there


If you never have gone to your friends facebook page and hit " See friendship" now is the time.
Oh my god. I haven't been laughing this hard in a long time.
Me and Liza "Lizella" Jeppesen just went through ours.. golden moments like this:
"Just found the pictures from HOII when we "lànade blomster fra vejen og placera det i" the guys bathroom.. hahaha EPIC night"
A crazy night in LR which ended up in the Swedish Guys bathroom in St. Francoise.. haha



..... ahhh fuck i cant any more! Lets just start drinking!
Happy Birthday my love! 

* Best Birthday Rap EVER!

"So I just read facilities, it has now been 5 minutes, and I have no idea what that was about.... fail!"
*Story of our life... once again Facilities was my lowest grade through all 3 years at Les Roches, just saying. ;)
*HAHAHA, OH my god.. the most amazing memory from Barcelona. Can still see Kevin's face when he got sneeze-puked on.
Kevin: What the fuck I got puke on my 300 euro shoes.
David: Kevin relax, they are 250 the most...
WE GONNA SIP BACARDI, WHISKEY, VODKA, RUM, and GIN like its your birthday!
Cause you know we DO give a f*** thats its your birthday! 
FIND us at les Roches.... yeah my rapping skills have to stop eventually ;) 
Any ways hope you have an amazing day! 
Love you ♥ ♥"
* My first Birthday rap from Liza! <3
Last but not least I have narrowed down our song to two finalists:
Shakira - Waka Waka
Nik og Jay - Boing Boing

Scandinavians do it better!

Shake it, shake it...


I love how listening to certain songs bring back the most amazing memories...
Rihanna - California King Bed
Those late nights in Belgian Café at Intercontinental Doha with Tarigh.
Chest to chest

Nose to nose

Palm to palm... we were always just that strong.
Miss you T-Dog, love T-Rex!


Can't seem to shake this nightmare I had last week.
I litterally woke up because I was crying, don't know if it was the fever that brought it on me or just depressed homesickness.
I dreamt that my parents got divorced, like a really nasty one, they were not speaking to each other and I had to go home to try to solve everything and devide their things.
And the worst thing of all was that my dad met this new woman that was truly a witch, no like the nastiest person ever.
As I said, woke up crying I was so devestated. Told my mum the next morning and she replied with a laugh.. great comfort, thanks mum!
Fredriksson-Tarring klan at my high school graduation.. yes in 2007.. I am getting old

Skiing Highlands

I haven't been skiing for a week now and I already miss it. I am working 6 day weeks at the moment due to high occupancy and very important guests in house.
Can't get enough of hanging out with Brittany, such an awesome girl!
Last time we went skiing we went to Highlands, a great mix of blues and blacks and just amazing weather.
Britt happy in the lift

Me & Britt at Highlands

At least I like to think so ;)

My first official blog-post - Published

I am so proud to see my first official blog-post on the Les Roches Alumni website.
Please check it out and let me know what you think:
Exited but nervous

St. Patrick's day - 2012

Started of with an insane day at work, l had a feeling just walking into work that something wasn't right and from there it went straight downhill.
3.30 pm I ran out of the hotel with my GAP bag, filled with my green towels and bathing suite, and went over to Hunter Creek for a great afternoon in the hot tubs with Britt, Matt and Brendan.
A couple of beers and 3 hours in the sun... We were ready to Party!
The night started of at Brad's house with way too many Lime Jello shots...
And it went pretty much downhill from there:
Enough said, another great St. Patrick's day.

Fresh powder to Aspen

Woke up to a couple of inches of fresh powder snow.. it was about time.
We haven't had any snow in the last couple of weeks, even my "hill of death" that I have to walk/slide down to get to the bus has cleared out from all snow and ice and is now walkable :O Who would have seen that coming in the middle of March?
Any who, yeasterday was my St.Patrick's hungover day and is it just me or do you feel so much better when you wake up on these days and it is either raining or snowing? A sunny hungover day is just not manachable for me if I am not ON a beach or on a vaccation where I know that it is exeptable to have your first cocktail at 10 am.
So I spent all yesterday in bed until 4.00 pm and then had a nice shower, got some sushi and breakfast items and then back to bed. :P. haha.
Watched The Iron Lady, which was great, and then a good season of Big Bang Theory.
Slept like a baby!
Today I start my two overnights, hmm either skiing och Breakfast in America with Brittany... WAKE UP BRITT! ;)

Les Roches Almuni Blog going public

I am so happy to announce that the new Les Roches Alumni blog is finally going public.
Please check it out!

Booked my Flights to Europe

The amount of stress that left my body last night after I booked my tickets to Europe is undescribable.
I had been  waiting for my money to get transfered from my Swedish account to my American one for 5 days and I was completely freaked out. I called my mum and made her call up my Swedish bank and everything, felt kind of like a drama queen when I saw that I received the money that same night :P woops.
However, the 16th of May I am leaving Aspen for 5 amazing days in Barcelona.
i have already made reservations at Hotel Arts for a little surprise for my parents, connections is the new black. It is ûber ezpensive but I hope my parents will appreciate it.
We are going to stay in a hotel close to Diagonal Mar, not a favorite of mine but high season starts and it is impossible to get any discounted rates in town at this time.
I CAN'T WAIT for Barca, hmm where do I need to go?
- Rosa Negra
- Opium
- Shoko
- Cal Pep
and shopping oh you belowed shopping...
Barcelona Memories
One of many nights at Chupitos

Ritz-Calton Guest Service Team

Jägermeister-night with Kevin

Thursdays at Sutton

San Jose celebration at Barcelona beach

Last night in Barcelona, climbing the Buddha in CDLC - CHECK!
I love this city

Swedish House Mafia

New release ... please take a look!
I think the video is cooler than the actual song though, just saying!

2 years of love

Today my Sis and her finace is celebrating 2 years together <3
Congratulations to the both of you! I love you so much and I know that you are going to be amazing parents.
What you two have together is what I am hoping to find! Cherish each other and remember that love concurs all!
I miss you every day

Timbuktu - Kom och håll om mig

"Det var som ett annat liv, det var så förbannat fint,

Du var den jag ständigt vill stå bredvid,

Du grep mitt hjärta som en polygrip,

Vi flög iväg som en projektil..."


Så bra att det gör ont;

For all my Swedes that needs a good laugh..

Hunden & Kattens Dagbok;
Ett säkert kort för en av dem dagarna då livet känns lite extra grått eller jobbigt
Tacka mig senare ;)
Ett skratt förlänger livet... sägs det

My Les Roches Blog

Just finished the last touches of my cover page for my Les Roches Blog.
I had such a hard time figuring out what to actually say so I just winged it :P.haha.
I added a bounch of pictures so I hope they will use all of them.
Liza Lilliana, Roro, Alex and Monita are somewhat VIPs in those pictures but all of the HOIII that graduated with me are represented.
I can't wait to get started with this blog, I have so many ideas about what to write, but as I said before; please help me out I aprpeciate all advice that I can get!
Can't help but get a bit sentimeltal looking through all the pictures of my 3 years at Les Roches...
I just have to show you some of the goodies ;)
Scandinavia represents at Culture Night in HOI
Blondie, Ready and Shorty at Le Pub, My Birthday HOII
Me and the boys, Ritz-Calton staff party in Barcelona 2010
Swedish mafia entering Les Roches in July 2009

Most amazing BBQ-Party in the Swedish House, Bluche summer 2011
I miss all of you so much

American Food

I am not a big fan of the food items in general in this country.
Yesterday I had like two slices of Whole wheat toast bread and I could not eat it, it was so SWEET.
I don't even know how they do it over here? I miss Swedish bread :(
Also what is up with Coca Cola over here? I seriously can't drink it, god so disgusting.
Apparently they make it with cornsyrup instead of sugar and it makes it taste horrible and this is the founder country, I expected to be blown away not throwing up and away.
I can honestly say that I never expected to be travelling a good hour to Walmart just to be able to buy Mexican imported Coca Cola, haha.
My stay here have opened up my eyes for Mexico and made me fall a bit inlove with it. I just HAVE to go there before my visit here is over =)
Viva Mexico

Dilema, dilema

Have the worst dilema on my mind right now... gaaahhh
and I can't really write about it yet.
Need some serious skype sessions with my fellow Hoteliers in the next couple of days, need all the advice I can get!
I hate when things like this come up, I am in a cross roads and I just need to take a leep of faith and hope for the best whichever direction I decide to go.
The big question is acctually what am I going to do after U.S?
Am I going back to school?
Will I get promoted so I can stay?
Will I get married so I can stay?
Will I transfer to a Starwood property in Europe, Middle East, Asia?
I am so confusseled right now :(

Blown Away

I am compleatly blown away about the fantastic service and food quality of Montagna Restaurant at The Little Nell. I will recommend anyone of my guests to go there.
Brunch Menu a la Tess:
Beef Ravioli with caramelized apples
Lemon Ricotta pancaked with raspberry syrup
Dougnut holes with 3 different dip sauces, caramel, chocolate and peach.
I was so full afterwards that I had to go for a walk :P Not even coffee attracted me after that.
Brunch rocks

Sunday Brunch

What is more Sunday than Brunch?
Hmm maybe a headache, advil, closed curtains and a comfortable bed?
Still Brunch seems like the perfect plan today!
Me and Matthew are going to Montagna at the Little Nell where my housemate Austen is the hostess, everyone says that it is one of the best restaurant in town so I have great expectations.
Everywhere we seem to go in this town the Service is not up to standards, I don't know if it is us that have such high expectations or if we just have really bad timing entering all these places. Service is the basis of erything, great service can even outrule a crappy meal. But NON of these places have been able to live up to our expecations so far so Montagna, WOW me please.
Mmmm Pancakes

Jay-Z & Kanye West in Malmoe

This is sooo happening, Sandra & Johan I am so exited you can't believe it. Probably have a flight at 04.30 am the next day but what to do :P haha
Love you guys!
(Tessidore is a cool name)

Barcelona in May

Had one of those days the other day when everything just turns out soo great..
My mother is planning to fly my out to Barcelona in the end of May to surprise my dad on his 50th Birthday. We will have to celebrate it a month early though since it is the only time for me to get off work.
I am going to scream out of joy incase it happens. Barcelona is my favorite city in the world and last time me and dad where there there was some serious tequila shoting going on :)
How can you not love this city?
I am working soo hard to get one of my new Americans with me to give them the ultimate European experience, a week in Barcelona finishing up with a week in Scandinavia :)

Official Blogger of Les Roches

I am so proud to b announced as one of the offical Alumin bloggers of Les Roches.
We all had to send in a copy of our curriculum vitae and a couple of our possible topics of the blog prior to acceptace and I am so glad that they picked me.
Plese follow me on my professional side of blogging, Les Roches has been one of the most important parts of my life and I will work 100% to run a professional and up to date blog for all of you to take part of. Please do not hesitate to write comments or suggestions of future topics of the blog. I nees all the help and support that I can get!
However, I need a professional Photoshop user to assist me with some pictures of my blog. All of you that know me knows that I am not the master of professional pictures. I am a poser but just not a serious one )
My LR family... please support me through the next step of my career, you are always on my mind an in my heart <3


Finally I am at the point when I am the actuall Manager On Duty, I am so proud of myself. I feel that I am moving on pretty fast and I just love y work.
However, last night was a challenge. Second night as MOD and everything just went wrong.
First of all I had a recidence guest approaching the guest at midnight asking for his car and according to procedure I asked the security guard to go and get the car for our guest. 20 minutes later he returned telling me that he could not find the car. WHAT? We seriously had 30 cars in the garage and how hard can it be to find a Toyota in there when the mayority of our guest cars are mayor SUV's. Please.
I might have got a bit pissed but okey, 30 minutes later we had located the guest's car and I only got screamed at for 10 minutes. Ohh happy days.
Next one... the night audit did not go through and it took Galaxy Support desk a good 50 minutes to answer the god damn phone. Breath Tess, breath.
Got that mess figured out and what is the next one?
Morning comes, Aspen invites us to a great snow storm and 25 guest rooms decides to leave even before I get a Bellman to punch in for the day. Caos.
Last but not least.. the Butler comes in at 6.00 am in the morning and it has to be put on his shoulders to figure out that we are running out of coffee this morning. WHAT? Execusse me? IRD is a 24/7 run department and they can not figure out that the coffee we have in stock will not be enough for an entire day of 90% of operations? NOT even a bit okey..
Is it even needed for me to say that a very interesting night turned into an even more disturbing morning? OMG..
Still love it though ;)

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