Handbok för ljusets Krigare

Ljusets krigare vet vad standaktigheten och modet är värda.

Family time 27-30 April

Today is the day, Mum, Sandra, Marie and Lena arrives to Barcelona this Afternoon. Oo I can't wait.

Tonight we are gpingto some Tapas Restaurant, I have given Iris the assignment to find us a good but kind of cheap Tapas restaurant, we want to save some money for shoping :P haha. Apparently it is Valter from the clubs birthday today. Patricia told me that they are going to some bar to celebrate him. Don't really know if me and Sandra can crash it since me and Valter aren't that close :S The more the merier? I might just random call Patricia later and see what is going on. I kind of don't have the energy to run into some of the Hotel people regarding the circumstances, why am I making a big deal out of this? Ignore it.. damn me. Well if not we might just go for a drink with Kevino since he is off tomorrow aswell. OH good plan, we will bring him aswell to Valter's thing. Yeah we will see. I kind of want to be fresh for shoping and major night out tomorrow!

We actually haven't talked about what we are going to do here. I thought of showing them the hotel but why? Hey this is a Hotel, it's really nice, restaurants, shops, pool, guest room. Nothing they havn't seen before. Plus they can just visit the website, they have really nice pictures there. http://www.hotelartsbarcelona.com. I guess the ladies want to shop like maniacs. I am just going to go with the flow. Big chance for Bikini tomorrow. Might just take a quicky in at Shoko for the chocolate fountains and cava. I am actually going to do whatever Snusan wants to do.

This is going to be so great, I just wish my dad could be here aswell. Even though he forgot my nameday yesterday. NOT OKEY! It's not like you have so many children that you can't keep track of them :P

So Morning nr. 6/6 today. 6 Hours to go. This is a piece of cake... Besos


Vi är ansvariga för universum - för vi är universum.

Cleaning like there is no tomorrow

Yesterday night was the big cleaning day in our house. I seriously deep cleaned EVERYTHING: I started on our lovely balcony, scrubed the chairs, table, floor. And then pimed it up a little. I puted some nice blankets over the chairs, some pillows and I moved our disgusting, dusty plant from the hallway onto the balcony. It will be a good hangout for our future bird. David and I discused getting a trained bird yesterday. A free flying one that comes when we call it. I wanted to name it Bosse, David just wanted to call it Mr. Bird. Creative much.
I continued cleaning the living room, a.k.a Kevins hangout lounge. And then my room. Oh my Good. Liza's hair is really everywhere. I am going to make you were a hairnet in the future Redie. As I cleaned my room I also sorted out what I am going to send home with my mum. I puted 3 jackets to the pile, 1 pair of jeans, a jumper and one pair of shoes. Some scarfs, hats and my gloves. I wont need it, if it gets cold now I am just going to stay in bed and wait for summer to come and save me. On one hand I love cleaning, cause you find all this stuff you dont remember you had and I also found money everywhere. NICE. Yes In my room, relax. At this time David and Kevin came home from the beach and I think they felt a little bit guilty for not beeing home and helping out so Kevin started to clean the kitchen. I will honestly say that I was a little bit surprised to get any help at all. Normaly I always clean the house by myself. And everytime I finish I tell myself that THIS was the last time and that the others have to do it next time. While Kevin and later also David cleaned the kitchen I started with the bathroom. OMG it was so disgusting. Horrible. I seriously scrubed everything in there, walls, floor, cleaned the windows, washed everything. And it was so nice when I finished, so freaking beautiful. I also moved everything from the sink area, since we are 6 people in the apartment at the moment alot of shampoo, hairspray and other bottles stock up really fast. So I moved everything into the drawers and cabins, only leaving our toothbrushes on the sink. And ofcourse when I got up this morning, everything was back, not everything but all of Lisa's stuff. She is so getting on my nerves. There is no way in hell that she couldn't see that I cleaned the hole fucking place. And that lazy bitch just putes all her grows things back out on the sink. What the fuck. So I puted it back, lets see if she gets the picture. My simple respons will be: When you start cleaning this place and after yourself you can put it where the fuck you want. She "cleaned" once in the apartment. Oh yeah wait lets see, she cleaned her part of our room and then she moped the hallway.. congrats. She didn'd even broom it before so yeah kind of just made the shit stick to the floor better, genius. Sa sjukt efterbliven. Yeah I needed that in Swedish, retarded just doesn't say enough. Another things that bothers me.. Me, David and Kevin cleaned or yeah they cleaned the kitchen together and I cleaned the rest and they required a break, fine we sat on the balcony, talked and had some lovely strawberries. We decided to have dinner before finishing up in the kitchen and dining area so yeah the guys makes dinner and I finish cleaning the bathroom. We had some nice "Pasta a la Kevin" and Kiwis for dessert and then I just died. I was so tired and it was already 10.30 PM so I decided to go to bed. Thinking that the guys would finish up and clean the rest. When I woke up this morning, I almost went flying over all the cleaning stuff in the kitchen and hallway. That didn't clean or removed anything. What the fuck. I am getting so tired and pissed off.
Good thing my Mum is coming today so I can move to their apartment for a couple off days. I just need to not be around my housemates for a couple of days. I kind of want to move, but it's my contract and I don't have the heart to throw out the f-ing Germans. Lifelong lesson huh?

Deep breath, smile, Gracias por llamar a Hotel Arts Barcelona, ¿En que puedo servirle?

Vid floden Piedra satte jag min ned och grät

Din kärlek har räddat mig och fört mig tillbaka till mina drömmar.

Pancake Sunday 3.0

Yesterday was such a nice day aswell, even though me and LeeAnn kind of freaked in the Call Center. Some people just don't get it. Stupid, annoying.. GAHHH.

After work we went to the beach again but this time with Andreea and Megan also joined for a while. We then took the bus to Sagrada Famila. My ladies had some Subway, good damn I love the smell inside Subway. It smells like fresh bread, cookies and sauces. The best thing with Subway compered to Pan and Bocatta is that Subways are so juicy and saucy compared to that dry stuff they serve in the others. Mjau. And you get a cookie with your meal, fantastic.
On the way over to LeeAnn and Megan's we visited the "Indian" shop to buy some supplies for our Pancake Sunday. We bought bananas, nutella, milk, eggs and some crackers for the walk home, haha.

Master brilliant as I am I was incharge of the hole pancake makening and they were sooo good. The first one fucked up as always but the rest were so perfect. Perfection! AND We didn't even have the recipe so I went on feeling while making the batch. I am wonderful.
Iris and Farhan also joined us and everyone was so satisfied. I think I will fulfill my plans of a pancake house, it must be my destiny. Or I will at least have a pancake house in my future hotel.
It was a lovely afternoon with my GSCC girls, gossiping, raccoons spooning up - jumping down the elevator shaft - dies and transforms into a horse. It was very rewarding and so random. I laughed so hard the entire afternoon. Me, Lee and Andreea can really go loca. There is no line to cross here, no no no.

I got a phonecall aroung 9 Pm, it was Kevin, poor little Kevin was sitting outside the apartment and couldn't get in because no one was home. So I sadly took farewell of my friends and took the metro home. I was actually kind of exited to catch up on my sleep since I havn't been sleeping a full night since 2 weeks back. Yeah like that would happen. Me and Kevin sat in my bed and talked for two hours. He told me all this personal things and stories and we had a really nice time. We got a little closer and I feel glad that he felt that he could trust me and confine in me. I think we can be really good friends. 

Only 1 hour left before I go home for the day. This day have been crazy. It has been so much to do I havn't even been able to go to the bathroom once. Crazy. I actually don't want to go home cause I really have to clean the apartment before my mum comes wich is TOMORROW! If the guys doesn't help out today I am going to flip. So if I am in a really bad mood later, you will know why!



Detär inte förklaringarna som för oss framat, det är var vilja att röra oss framat.


26 April- Terese och Teresa, (fattig stavning men vad ska man göra?)

Ska bli intressant att se hur manga som grattar en idag.
Blev lite ledsen precis, den personen som brukar ringa mig först pa morgonen, och faktiskt informera mina föräldrar om min namnsdag, var farmor. Känns konstigt att hon inte finns mer, jag saknar henne jätte mycket.
Jag förtjänar faktiskt lite tarta eller iallafall en kaka, namnsdag är ända skit stort i danmark. Man kan ju pretenda att man är där för en dag.

Sa fram med telefonerna och skicka era gratulationer till mig pa Therese dagen :D (+34622299556)

Besos Guapos

Barca 25/04/10

24 Grader varmt, stralande solsken i Barcelona. DET GAR BRA NU!

Segraren star ensam

Själen tycker om vackra och djupa saker.

Velkommen til Medina

Jeg er måske lidt en stripper for dig
Jeg stripper gerne mine ord for dig
Lad mig danse op og ned af scenen for dig
For jeg blotter gerne mine ord for dig

Rør ved mig fortæl mig jeg er lækker
Kom sig du aldrig har hørt en sang som min
Jeg vil kæle jeg vil ligge mig ned for dig
For denne sang den har jeg skrevet kun for dig

Og jeg har ventet længe på at give denne gave til en
Jeg ved du tar´ imod mig uden problem
Jeg har ikke noget tøj på jeg gir´ mig til dig
Nu står midt på min vej

Velkommen til Medina

Jeg har måske lidt en svaghed for dig
For jeg kan se du virkelig tænder på mig
Når du rør dig selv og rækker hånden til mig
Så er jeg sikker på at vi skal samme vej

For vi skal ned på knæ og op igen
Vi skal hele vejen rundt
Lad mig synge dig en sang du sjældent glemmer
Så i aften er jeg hele pakken til dig
Lad mig hører mine ord fra din mund

Og jeg har ventet længe på at give denne gave til en
Jeg ved du tar´ imod mig uden problem
Jeg har ikke noget tøj på jeg gir´ mig til dig
Nu står midt på min vej

Velkommen til Medina

I am like crazy inlove with Danish Medina right now!

Häxan fran Portobello

Vägen är viktigare än det som fick dig att ga den.

Sushi and Milk

It was a wondeful sunny day in barcelona yesterday.
After work me and LeeAnn met up with Megan outside the hotel, we went to buy some snacks and drinks and then we went to the beach. At the beach we met Iris, Souky and Jing and later Joost and Ingmar joined with a football. Who knew that Iris was that athletic :P.
All of a sudden this mist is coming in over the shore. First the entire W Hotel dissaperes then the mist comes closer and closer and more and more parts of our surronding pops away. At one point we couldn't even see Hotel Arts and we were sitting 100 meters from it. Creepy. And at this point they start to talk about this horror movie "The Mist" Not cool guys. I hate horror movies, it can be okey if you have supplies like pillows, blankets and a man.. but come on. Everything was so nice and I almost fell asleep on the beach, I was so tired. And then, and then I finally decide to go home and the bus is packed with people. I met David though so I had company but it was insane. I can't wait for summer to come with all the crazy tourists, NOT. And as all the people and sweat guys wasn't enough, this singing annoying man comes on and sits and sings the entire way home. Either drunk or psycopath, me no likey.
Around 9 Pm I met up with Iris and we went to fantastic Dao for Sushi buffét, dessert, shots and coffee. Gossiping and eating way to much. I had a Lovely time Iris!
When we had eaten we decided to go for ONE drink. I suggested Milk, since I lvoe that place and it is just around the corner from Dao. But Iris had to take out some cash so we went to find an ATM and ended up in Iris neighborhood. So a quicky look in their apartment and picking up Stephanie and we went back to Milk.
I love milk, the nice decor and bartenders. We had a boozy Rouge, Dah. This is a raspberry and rom coctail that blows your mind. I seriously love the head-bartender. He always gives me free stuff and larger drinks. Yesterday I got my drink in a big drinking glas while the other girls got whiskey tumblers.. mouahhaha. Then we got some free shots aswell. Really nice, a little coffee goes chocolate thing. Fantastic bar. Yesterday it was packed with Scandies. First a big gang of Swedish men, drinking girly coctails. Mouahhaa. Tjejdricka. And then two Danish guys came in and stood next to us in the bar. I felt like an undercover spy, understanding what everyone was saying. The Dabish dudes where talking about me and the girls in Danish so when we left I just had to say: "Tak, jeg haber I kommer til at ha en dejlig aften"! You should have seen their faces, priceless.
The metro back home took forever and I was to tired.. When I came home I almost passed out, that tired.

I had a great Saturday night though, calm and steady but it was really, what is the right word? Pleasent!

Besos Guapos

Handbok för ljusets krigare

Den som ger hjälp blir själv alltid hjälpt, och maste lära ut vad han eller hon har lärt sig. Därför sätter sig ljusets krigare vid elden och berättar hur dagen i striden har varit.

4 days until Sunshine

Mum, Snus, Marie and Lena arrives to Barcelona in 4 days. O M G the insanity. I can't wait to not pay for stuff :P Yes I'm a lonely child and So spoiled. (First thing people say to you when they discover that you don't have any brothers and sisters. "You must be so lonely" is a close second). I almost have siblings though. I have Snuse and André. Grew up with each other, always lived 10 m away, vacations together, Love oh all this love.

It is going to be so nice to see my mum, I havn't seen here since ehh yeah the funeral. I was about to say when she was here in January. I kind of erased that hole experience from my mind when I was home in February. So she is bringing me all this cool stuff from Sweden like, Coffee, chocolate, clothes, shoes, daycream and my bag BAG baaaaag! It is so beauuuutiiful. And when she is here we are going to shop until we drop, eat ALOT and me and Snus are going to go loca during night time. Yeah I can't wait.

BAD INFORMATION: The tickets to Barca-Inter are sold out :( We waited to long for this stupid ash thing and now there are no tickets left. DAMN you Iceland... We should re-make the "Blame Canada" song to "Blame Iceland"! So I guess we just have to see the game in a bar like normal people. I know a great one though, lets force David and Kevin to come with us. Mouahahha!

Plans for next week:

Monday: Work morning in Call Center, got rid of my PDD in Room Service since Natalia is ill.

Tuesday: Work Morning and then Bienvenidos a Barcelona Guapas :) Thinking of going to a nice dinner, chitchat, maybe show the apartment and then a nice sleep befoore..

Wednesday: Shopping!, Maybe some Sushi for lunch at Dao (Love this place, as much as you can eat of Sushi and chineese food together with pastry, fruit and so much other food). Then bamp bamp bamp Shoko and finishing off with Opium.

Thursday: Might do some tourist stuff since it is their last day in Barca, some busing would be nice for the extreme hangover me and Snuse will have. (By the way Snus you are so bringing me Sourcreame and onion chips with garlic dip from Sweden. If you show up with eldorado or something like that, just take the next flight home... Estrella baby). In the evening "the last supper" and then hey thursdays at Sutton. We have to go to like CDLC or Rosa Negar, Milk before though for drinks.

Friday: I start at 7.. come and kill me now. Good thinking I am going to try and change this one.. Sutton with Snus and then work at 7. It just aint possible. This is D-day.. "Dey" are leaving me :( Om Valborg.. Not Coool!

Longing for next week! <3

Vid floden Piedra satte jag mig ned och grät

Mitt liv innehaller inga större mysterier. Jag har min väg, och jag gör sa gott jag kan för att följa den pa ett värdigt sätt. Vägen för den som söker kärleken.

Slät-veckan 2010 - Barcelona

I love Oscar he is so funny sometimes.. other times not so much but still.
He have a lot of expresions like Slät, slätt and "älgen har gatt pa grund". He also has a made up magasin, that really just exist inside his head and sometimes in facebook messages and comments, that he calls "Slät-nytt".
So this Slät-vecka.. or as we say in English: Slät-week, yeah you cant translate slät, it is just slätt. This is a week when Oscars friends, like 4, 5 or 8 of them comes to Barcelona and they are going to Party, party like real sweedes. Stay in doors, protect women and underaged girls and were protection. This is going to be insane, you who have meet Oscar on his go might have an idea of how this week will go down. But now 8 times worse?. Schiiise.

So Sweden represents:

Norrland - David Wellborg

Stockholm: Johan Wallin

Göteborg: Christopher Palmqvist

Skane: Oscar Ahlgren, Erik Gillsin, Anders Mansson, Therese Fredriksson, Jonas Alsenfelt and many more...

Poor Jonas who will be here on the same time as these freaks. You will never be the same again!

I was thinking of making this week into a small game, me and Jonas as "Observers" and judges, dahhh! You get points for buying champagne, not sleeping in the apartment, be to drunk and not make it to the club, x tequila shots in a row and making stupid wonderful things. Extra points will be given for stunts, hook ups and so on.
Might sound stupid but I have a feeling that this will be sooo funny. I should give this idea to Oscar over dinner tonight. Maybe we should make tacos to get him in a good mood :P This dude and his tacos, first thing he thinks about in the morning, belive you me!

So it's time for a Slät-countdown ... 11 days, here we go!

Stay slät!

A slow Saturday morning at Hotel Arts

God damn it it was hard to get up this morning. It might have something to do with me going for ONE drink with the girls and ended up having 4.. No it's not cool to say no. And Farhan kind of made us, yeah guns pointing and everything.
Came home and found Kevin and food in the fridge. Jummy. Kevin is the best half-drunken-food-chef I have ever met :)

Soo this morning, everyone in the Hotel seems a little slow. Lee called reception earlier:
Rec: "Buenas Tardes, gracias por llamar al Rec.. Buenas Tardes? (Sounds confused)... Sí?

Hahaha I think someone was out last night. It doesn't sound that funny now, It was kind of an "you have to be there moment".

Me and Lee left alone in the call center today, this ship is sinking:P No alot of fun, Elisabeth joined at 9 am aswell. She seems nice, very quiet and spanish but nice, I think I can like her.

No time to "hmmmm" ehhhh yeah.. We have nothing to do. I might clean my desk... or?

Besos Guapos!

Les Roches Hostel - Barcelona

It took 4 hours after Liza left and then we had a new LR sleeping on our sofa. Haha. No Kevin is in the house, it acctually feel good to have all my boys under the same roof so I can keep an eye on them :P

Maybe we can earn some money on that sofa huh.. how many have stayed there now.
Andreas, David, Sara, Sofia, Johan, Liza, Maddy, Michael and now Kevin.

Yes we have washed the thing is between.. or have we ;)

A short but wonderful visit from Denmark/Mallorca

Monday - Wednesday, intence, extreme and so funny.


After a really great shift in Room Service with David I came home and found my danish ready Liza on the sofa with 1 L Absolut Tropic in her hand. What a wonderful sight :)
Let the night begin, We got ready and Liza raped my closet, she seriously brought NOTHING with her, only wallet, some make up, pasport and her tickets back to Mallorca.
We started the night by going to see David, Kevin and Michael at some girls from Arola apartment in Barcelonetta. OMG, they were insanly drunk, two girls and Pedro from Marina.
Then we had the big INCIDENT.. I don't know if I can talk this openly about it :P haha
Pedro was really really extremly drunk and he sat down in the sofa and we hear a big sneeze.. only problem is that when he sneezed he also puked at the same time, just right out over the entire room and parts of Kevin and Michael. Wooo there was silence. first this really loud sneeze-puke noize and then complete silence. AND then David just burst out laughing. haha. I have never seen him liek this before,  zero control - laughing. Do I even have to point out that Kevin adn Michael wasn't laughing.
Me and Liza quickly escaped out on the balcony soon joined by Kevin and Michael who was trying to clean them selves up. It wasn't that bad but still.
Kevin: "Omg he got it on my 500 € Dolce and Gabana shoes".
David: "Please they are only like 350 €".
Haha these guys huh? They have been shopping every single day since they arrived to Barcelona three weeks ago, Rich kidz have more fun?! Not at all jealous :P
So this was kind of a big party-pooper incident so we leaft QUICKLY after. The fantastic five of us went to Zahara bar for some drinks. We got the strongest Mojitos I have ever experienced. Okey, nice we know them pretty well now but and we get alot of alcohol in our drinks as a favor but I would still like to enjoy my drink. No I am not complaining :P Around 2 am we grabbed two cabs to Opium. Nasty naughty fabolus Mondays at Opium.
I have no idea how I got so drunk but yeah.. according to the pictures we kind of had a lot to drink, I just don't remember this :P haha. Several vodka redbull up in our hands and some heinekens went down the same way.
We danced, DANCED and danced and met some really cute Swedish guys. Around 6 am me and Liz took a taxi home and made some drunken pancakes. Haha OMG there were flour, sugar and small pancake pieces EVERYWHERE. But it was so good. The plan was to have pancakes with icecream but yeah we didnt really have the patient to wait for the pancakes to be done so first we had icecream and then we ate the pancakes one by one when they were done. MJAU! After a nice meal we went to spoone in my bed.


We woke up way to early, I was definatly still drunk but what to do when the crazy Danish lady wants to do some extreme shoping? She bought so much stuff haha, people were looking after us when we walked pass because of all the bags. I bought an awesome Trench from Zara, love at first sight, a hat and some nice underwere. Mjau. I can't even keep track of everything Liza bought. She came with her small Prada handbag and left with that one and a BIG Longchamp filled with clothes, shoes, hats, and tingelitangle ;) It was so much fun! But the most important thing our Barca - Ibra shirts :) Zlatan och jag vi är fràn samma stad. The game sucked though. We went to George Payne together with David, Kevin, Oscar and Michael. Nice crowed but what was Zlatan doing? Not Okey dude! After the game we had the funiest conversation outside, it started like this:

Oscar: "So Liza where do you like now again? Le Guana?"

Liza: "Yeah dude I am from Le Guana next to Guaccamole"

Hahaha She's from Ghana man :P You know this country in west Africa! Classic! And yes it just went down hill from there.

After the game all of us went to Zahara to join with the rest of the Swedish crew: Palle, Shuan, Jesper, Camilla and some other hangers. A couple of drinks, mingeling and then me and Liza left for Shoko. Damn Shoko was dead. We met some creepy circus dudes though and an English guy with the most fucked up hair I have ever seen. Good comment though: Oh so your Dabish, then you love to make fun of other people". Hmm there is some crazy gossip going on in the world. We also met Patricia and Anika in the crowd, always lovely to see you ladies <3. Me and Liza had an early evening and decided to go home around am. More spooning after some pasta with pesto!


I am on a touristbus mother fucker take a look at me.. A 100% tourist day. We started the day with a nice Starbucks B-fast and then we spent the rest of the day on the touristbus, nice. We saw the harbour, my lovely hotel, the beach, diagonal mar, the penisbuildning, parc güell and like 70% of the city. By the way, those earphones you get on the tour is a death trap, serious pain in my ear I couldn't sleep on my left side last night. PLING - Dagens i-landsproblem. And please I can't take any more classical music for the next months. We had a great day chitchating and enjoying the sun. Around 4 pm Liza left me for Mallorca :( And I had the best nap in a really long time, drewling and everything. MmM Nice.


I Had a really great time sweetie, you have to come back soon! I <3 U

And so she said..


I <3 Skabbet

En dag tilbage?

Okay, hvis du fik at vide du havde en dag tilbage at leve i
hvad ville du så gøre?
Hvad jeg ville gøre?

Jeg tror jeg ville..
hæve lidt penge på min firma konto
løb ned og shop' den bil jeg altid havde tænkt på
vink' når jeg så min nabo, hallo
yup, bilen er ny og 24 tommer alu
Jeg ville ha' den mand jeg elsker ved min side
Køre ud mod vandet
Og ik ta' noget for givet
Jeg ville ringe til gamle venner og kærester
fortælle dem at de har gjort mig til den jeg er
kik mig i bakspejlet
og sig "hey det' godt nok"
sædet tilbage, vinduet ned og volumen op
jeg ville gi' en fuck
hvorfor jeg var her
bare smile og nyde, at det var jeg
jeg ville samle mine venner og familie op
og køre videre ud mod vandet i en samlet flok
så ville jeg tænkte på om jeg havde givet nok igen
til dem der har givet mig så meget af dem
jeg ville parkere bilen midt ude på vejen
og der sku være musik, yup, min egen
og alle ville smile og bounce med hinanden
barbeque og kæmpe bål på stranden
jeg ville sige til mine systrar at jeg er stolt af dem
at de sku forstå hvor meget jeg virkelig holder af dem
jeg ville sige til min mor og far at jeg elsker dem
og spørge dem om de ikk' sku' prøve at finde sammen igen
fortælle mine venner at jeg tror på
vores kærlighed er større end man kan sætte ord på
og jeg ville finde min mand, og sige til hende
at jeg havde lyst til at leve videre i hende
og solen ville gå ned over vandet
mens jeg røg en sidste "blå kings"
drak et sidste glas rødvin
vind i håret
rockstar briller på
22 år
vi ses mit svennebrog.

En dag tilbage
lev mens du gør det
elsk' mens du tør det
En dag tilbage
lev mens du gør det
elsk' mens du tør det
En dag tilbage
lev mens du gør det
elsk' mens du tør det
En dag tilbage
lev mens du gør det
elsk' mens du tør det
En dag tilbage..

Jeg ville egentlig ik vide hva jeg sku gøre af mig selv
måske kik' mig lidt i spejlet og slå tiden lidt ihjel
forlader mit hjem med mit ynglings gear på
de hvideste snicks og cap'en lidt på skrå
jeg ville la' bilen stå
og bare slentre gennem KBH
tænke over om jeg havde nået lidt af alt det jeg ville nå
om jeg havde sat pris på det jeg fik
om jeg havde givet for lidt
og ønske jeg ku' nå at takke dem der føler vores shit
videre uden de helt store stop
i don't know, måske et sidste måltid på taco shop
gøre ting jeg normalt ik gør
stop den smukkeste dreng
og forføre hende som jeg aldrig havde gjort det før
tag ud forbi mit barndomshjem
fortælle min mor, min far, mine tre söstre
at jeg virkelig elsker dem
jeg ville samle mit team, mine venner
og sige at jeg et eller andet sted ved vi ses igen alle sammen
jeg ville hit foran en club
se godt ud
spille lidt smart
intet andet end love
og et dankort i pendul fart
og jeg ville pop den dyreste champagne
sige til mig selv "vi gjorde det fandme"
forlader stedet
uden at sige det til nogen
med et enkelt glas i hånden
og en slukket telefon
grine lidt for mig selv over en joke vi havde engang
inderst inde nok også være en lille smule bange
dedikere en sidste tanke til min familie og mit crew
og til drengen i mit liv jeg ik har fundet endnu
velvidende om at hun er derude et sted
men fuck nu det
jeg har fået så meget med
og jeg føler det hele, mer' end nogensinde
med LR på brystet
og oprejst pande
og jeg er alene med mig selv
jeg har det squ godt
og forlader dette sted inden solen står op

En dag tilbage
Lev mens du gør det
elsk mens du tør det
En dag tilbage
Lev mens du gør det
elsk mens du tør det
En dag tilbage
Lev mens du gør det
elsk mens du tør det
En dag tilbage
Lev mens du gør det
elsk mens du tør det
En dag tilbage

En dag tilbage...

Nik og Jay.. getting ready for my Redhead tonight :)

The Weekend in pictures 2.0

Poseing like it is 2004..

Me and my CC girls <3

Happy Birthday Anais!

Kevin and Dara dancing the night away.

End station: Olympic... What a night!?

Thanks for a great night everyone!

I hate Iceland

Again, why are you a country what have you contributed to the world with the last decade? A horrible, non exicting economy and whale fishing.. Not great huh?

Soo Barcelona airport closed done for a couple of hours today, almost exactly when I got into work this morning. THANX! So it was a real mess at work today, 30 minutes over time, never happend before.. I know it is nothing compared to the other departments, I just wanted to rob it in your face a bit ;) MOuhahaha..

AND the airports is now open again so my lovely Liza is coming tomorrow :) wee. It is going to be so much fun!

Lets pop the champagne kvindemensker ;)


Om vägen fran och med nu inte lär mig nagot nytt, sa har jag atminstone lärt mig nagot viktigt: att det är nödvändigt att ta risker.

Barcelona - Inter 28 April

Soo Me and Snuse have a plan. We really want to go and see this game and she got offered some tickets by the guy she rents the apartment from, 170 € a ticket. I dont think so, so I went to their website and found tickets for 75 €, not very good seats, but who cares. Souky also told me that she knows a guy that can find cheap tickets.. Sounds illegal, but I am on! I know Oscar and the guys had a number for 2 hand tickets as well. It is going to be an awesome game with a lot of Zlatan focus, New club mets old one, it has to be intense!

BUT I am not buying the tickets until I find out if my baby is coming or not, I cant even think of what I am going to do if she cant come. I have been looking forward to this for months. Stupid Island, why are you even a country?

I <3 My Mum

Got a phonecall from my mum today, she was going through my shoe closet since I asked her to bring some other shoes for me. And she seriously said, I quote, "You dont really have that many shoes, we should buy some new ones", ehh I hope my dad didnt hear that cuz he will kill her. He didnt have to build a shoecloset because I dont have any shoes. I have like 200 pairs of shoes, yeah you have all bean there trying to sneak some out.

But now to the importat part, My mum have bought me SO MUCH clothes.. lalala. Dresses, jackets, shorts, shirts AND a really nice bag that I have wanted for like 6 months now. Yeay. You have to love Tarring, at least when we are in different cuontries :P Kidding, she can be kind of annoying though, but I guess all parents have their days.

I am getting really nervous that they wont be able to come in 10 days :( This ashes, Island, Vulcano thing have such a bad taiming. I miss my Snusa so much, I talked to her today and yesterday, so wonderful. Jag älskar dig tjockis ;)

ONLY 4 hours more of work.. kill me kill me now!

Anais 21

Bloody hell my head feels like it is going to explode, worst hangover in a long time... But it was fun, emotional but fun.

Started with a girls gathering at Andreeas place, she has such a nice room, really cozy. Vodka + icetea, really disgusting but what are you going to do? It was me, Andreea, Megan, Lee ann and her friend, and Iris on antibiotics :P
We left for George Pain around midnight and I met Kevin outside. George was crazy, so crowded and everyone was there. Lovely Sangria, jagermeister shots and beer.. way to much of everything since I decided not to drink that much. YEAH that went well. Now I am seriously not drinking until Snus comes. My liver is starting to complain.

After George we went to Port Olympic, and I dont know why. I should have gone home, I acctually planed to go home several times but these Irish people just convinced me to stay. Damn you Lee Ann and Megan ;)
I almost didnt spend any money at all yesterda. I bought 1 Sangria, then Kevin got shots, beer from Luigi and Water, yes water, and redbull vodka from Megans Lovely boyfriend. So cool yesterday I had my own private army, cuz I had a little incident with one of the guys from work, he was so steping over the line and he was just discusting. It really got me bumed out and kind og ruined the rest of the night. Why didnt I just go home? Drama Drama Drama. I had an interesting conversation with Dipi aswell. Haha she seriously asked me what school I was going to.. Ehhh the same as you. She had no idea, hello smoking much? ;)

In all a great night, apart from me working today and almost overslept. After work I am going to our sofa and not get up until tomorrow morning. I kind of feel like watching Madagascar, always makes me happy. "And me skipper", "Maurice I am tired wave for me, faster you naughty little monkey" <3

Thanks for everything Anais, it was a great night! Love you!

I had a feeling..

Last night was nice, first CDLC with a nice mojito and some sangria and then the Magical SUTTON. I love SUTTON, the music, the people the feeling.
It was a pure boys night out + me!
Me, David S, Kevin, Kiko, Luigi, Marc, Chrille and many more in the crowd. Anais of course ;) She never miss a thursday at SUTTON.

Best part: Me and Kevin where the last ones to leave but we feelt that something was missing - Swedish House Mafia: Leave this world behind. And we went nuts! That song is the best song EVER. Nothing can go wrong when that song is on, NOTHING. I have been listening to it the entire day, it is like magic.

(By the way, I feel so sorry for Ashraf, he had a break in in his apartment and they took EVERYTHING. Bastards!)

Tonight it's Anais birthday party at George Pain, I will join with my CC girls.. Update you tomorrow!

Besos Guapos

Birthday girl No 2 - Liza Liliana

Happy Birthday Ready :) Hope you will get a lovely day at Mallorca today!
I can't wait to see you on Monday, I miss you so much!

Tillykke Skat! La mig se dig yo-yo ;) <3

Birthday girl No 1 - Anais

Happy Birthday hunny, I see you tonight! Enjoy you day :) <3

"Yeah there have been an vulvano explotion in Sweden of somewhere so or flight are cancelled"

Please woman, Sweden is not Island. There is kind of a big difference and you are from the U.K you can't even blame on being American.

This vulcano thingie is getting on my nerves, what if Mum and Snusan can't come in 11 DAYS!? Or Jonas in the beggining of May? :( Oscars dad was supposed to arrive today, but his flight got cancelled. Chris parents wont be able to go home and the Hotel is caotic of all the guests that can't leave and all other guests that can't come.
I was just on the phone with my Mum and she told me that there weren't any available rental cars in entire Sweden. All trains and buses are fully booked and the entire country is going a little nuts.
On Aftonbladet.se (Swedish newspaper) it says that it can take MONTHS for the ashes to resolve. MONTHS. Maybe we have to stay in Barca for some moths more :)

All my thoughts and Love to Salomon and his family <3

A picture from when life was a little bit easier..

I can't imagine what you are going through and you are one of the people in the world that deserves this the least. You are a wonderful person so funny and easy to hang out with. I cant belive what you are going through.
Keep in mind that this angel would love you so much and I think that you will be a wonderful dad!

All my thoughts and love to you Salo and your beautiful wife and I hope I will see you soon again!


Weekend in pictures 2.0

Lovely 3.50 € for Mojitos at Rosa Negar!

Chupitos Baby!

Group Photo : from the back left
Maddy, Me, Silvio, Randome dude and German crazy girl.
Front: David, Sophie and some other crazy chick.. hehe

Olympic: Me, David, Maddy and David

<3 Love you guys!

Michael Collins

I really like Michael Collins, Irish bar next to La Sagrada Familla. Thats the kind of place thats never empty, there is always something going on and the people working there are really nice. We were there on Paddy's aswell but just for a short while and there was a live band and everything. Really nice. And they have a quiznight aswell like TP but they have it on Tuesdays instead of mondays. Always good to know if you feel for a good quiz ;) hehe!

I just came home from MIchael Collins, I had a couple of beers with Andreea, Megan and Leeann. Lovely quality time! We planed a little for the weekend. Feels like it is going to be all in on Anais B-day.

You will never belive this but I went for a run earlier tonight. :O Yes truestory! 1 hour around Montjuic, will probobly never happen again.. :P Yes it will, I really have to loose some weight now.. Julkorv-style is not hot ;)

The weekends song no. 1


Check out the songs by Midnight beast! Funny!

1. Tiktok
2. Lez be friends

Fantasticly funny :)

Vid floden Piedra satte jag mig ned och grät

Jag ska inte tala med mörkret i mitt inre.

A Skabbish Weekend

Intense, Maddy have been here since friday and it has been awesome!


I found Maddy sitting outside my door on her green suitcase with the sun in her face and the wind in her hair. 10 minutes tour of my mansion and then we went shopping. Maddy bought some lovely shoes from Massimo Dutti and a denim dress. I bought the cutest Piggy earrings ever. I like pigs, my Tomas Sabo silver pig with pink boots is my favourit, close second is my hot pink Piggy Ipod-docking station - awesome base! I also bought a nice white top at Sfera, love at first sight. We found the coolest T-shirt aswell, for guys though but still. A Mercat playing base in a high hat, coolness.
We where thinking of having Tapas for dinner but since we were insanly hungry we ended up having burgers and beers at My Bar. And there we met the juice guy. A guy was running past us and tried to get in to the door behind us, he is pushing the doorbell and a Swedish guy answers the door. He is running past his friend screaming that he's just going out to buy some juice. When he comes back (like 15 minutes later, ehere the hell did he go to buy juice?) Maddy turns around and ask the juice guy what kind of juice he bought and if he found something good. The stupid Swedish juice guy just stares at us and quietly says yes and enters the door.. What happend to invite us up for a drink? JERK :P
After our fantastic dinner ;) Maddy was still hungry so we went to MCD as well :P haha. One cheeseburger later and she was satisfied. We found the coolest thing in MCD, I have never seen it before. They had the normal lines but out along one of the sides they had like a fast line where you could enter your order into a computer, pay with your card in the machine and then go up to the counter and get your food. Comparabel to the express check-in at airportes. If you dont belive me I have picture proof.
Later we met up with Patricia, Charlotte and one of their German friends at restaurant Rosa Negar, they have the best and cheapest Mojitos in town, the margaritas not so much. We had a couple of drinks and then we went to Bar Milk to meet up with some of the guys from the Hotel. The Lausanne people, Pascal and Morganh had their last day last friday and left for home yesterday :( I love the bartender in milk, he kind of loves me to. Always free drinks. <3 People in the crowd: Dara, Kenza, Kiko, Anika, Valter, Marc, Richard and many more. Me and Maddy had one of the jummiest drinks ever in Milk, it is a rasperry thingy, Mjau! Next stop: OPIUM, we were suppose to meet the others in CDLC but the Germans wanted to go to Opium so we went with them. AND WHAT? The day after Pascal told me that ZLATAN was in CDLC, damn. I Knew it!
We met David and Vane in Opium and the first thing she says to me is: (I quote) "Tess I am drunk but I have to tell you I do not hate you, dont listen to everyone else". Kind of uncomfortable, but yeah bullshit since she gave me the "I wish you were dead"-look for the rest of the evening. By the way: Loving when nobody understand Swedish ;)
Me and Maddy had an early night and returned home around 4 AM.


I woke up kind of early, had some Zoegas and cleaned up my room, caos in there. Me and Maddy spent the day with some more shopping. I also had my first Subway meal ever. It was acctually quit good. I like it when it is moist, if you go to pans and all those sandwich places around here everything is so dry and the bread is yber boring. And at subway you get a cookie with you meal, that's my way of satisfaction. On our way home we stoped at Bon Preu for some food. Pasta salad with A LOT of Avocado, cucumber, tomato, pesto, mozzarella and bacon. Ehh Mjau. It was awesome. Oscar found the leftovers the day after and cursed over me because he couldn't finish it for us. We also ended up with some bacardis and coronas. A lovely Saturday supper.
Saturday night was an important night in Barcelona - El Clasico. Me and Maddy joined forces with David, Silvio, Sophie, Pascal and his girlfriend among others in a bar called Dusk. OMG Messis goal was a master piece and the rest of the game.. yeah you know how it went. For the rest of the night Barcelona was on fiiire :) Just because we already were in Barcoloneta we had to show Maddy Chupitos. I love chupitos, so simple, cheap and wonderful shots. Shots are a lot of fun. After three - four shots we decided to GO to Zahara, not my plan exactly. We walked and walked and walked and just when we where 50 m from the bar the gang decides to go directly down to the harbour. And I had to pee SO bad. 20 minutes later we arrived in skank town = Port Olympic in the bar Olympic. Not before I step into the bar and stands by the bardesk I recognize that I have been there before. haha This was the bar me, Kiko and Leeann went to on Paddy's day. And then things came back to me. When the song: Love, sex, american express came on I had a real deja vu moment. I was sooo close to call Leeann in Ireland but no, one message to Kiko was enough. "I had several redbull vodkas up in my hand". And David W joined us as well after he finished his shift in Arola and then we went to Opium. Insane, insane. I actually didn't meet anyone, so weird. Oh yeah I met Mitch for a short wisker and some "Schtek, schtek, schtek". Or else a lot of mingeling and crazy dancing. The night ended happily around 6 AM.


I woke up to a beautiful wheater. It was so warm and sunny outside, one of does days you really feal that you are in Spain. Everyone was still asleep so I took all of my bed thingies, pillows, duvet, blankets, everything fluffy I could find really and I puted everything out on the balcony. I love our balcony, hotest spot in Barca. Together with my computer, piggy and coffee I had a lovely morning. Yes Johan Glans "World tour of Skane" was on, he is insanly funny. Swedens top comedians are definatly from my beautiful Skane-land :) One by one the house slowely woke up. When everyone finally was awake - PANCAKE SUNDAY. I love pancakes, so easy to make and so good to eat. And more for me since david doesnt like chocolate. What kind of person doesnt like chocolate? It is Gods gift to the humans. WELL, pancakes for b-fast and then we decided to do some touristing. Oh I almost forgot, sun + my albino skin = bad news. Now I actually look brown but on Sunday..woow RED LOBSTER walking down the street. And I was so warm aswell. My neck and boobie area is the worst. It hurts to bend down and I dont really want to were a bra. Horrible! But it looks nice :P haha. So touristing, we visited la Sagrada Familla, looked at some arcitecture and had a smootie. NICE! We also went a quicky through Parc Cituadella and visited Port Olympic by day. Dinner - BK! Tender chicken is soo good. Not as good as Crispy though, I miss crispy. Came home feeling like Whinehouse, had some snackas and watched Sex Drive. Chilling in our pornolight lounge :) We went to bed pretty early thinking we would go up in the morning and go for some more shopping.


I woke up around 11 am. Had to do some laundry and just chilaxed until the rest of the crew woke up. Around 1 PM me and Maddy went out to have some brunch, we ended up at restaurant Deo. A japanees buffet. OMG I have never ever had that much sushi in my entire life. Best buffet in a long time, seafood, chineese dishes, sushi, fruit, desserts. The best things was these mini mini springrolls that was filled with chocolate. Jummy. Buffet + drink + icecreame for dessert = 8 €! Insanly cheap and everything was so good. I am 100% going there again. Afterwards I was so full, I acctually felt a little bit sick the rest of the day. I couldn't even eat any of my Swedish candy that Maddy brought for me. THEN I am full :P We went around town a little after we had brunch but it wasnt that nice, due to the rain. The wheater down here is so strange. One day it is the nicest whearter ever and the next it is raining. It is kind of starting to piss me off a little. We came home around 6 Pm and Kevin and David was at home preparing dinner. No I didnt have any. It was Tacos though, looked really nice. I think Kevin, David and Oscar shared an 18 tortillas :P After dinner kevin and David went for a romantic date at the cinema and me and Maddy went to Zahara for some drinks. Mojitos and free shots, thanks girls! Oscar met up with us around midnight for a JD-coke. Around 1 Am I started to get really tired and boring because I knew I had to get up at 5.30 Tuesday morning. So we went home and I had my lovely 4 hours of sleep. Yes I am pretty tired today.

So now I am at work, finishing in 1 hour, and yes we actually had a lot to do, this posting took me the entire day to construct.
Today I am going for a LONG walk with my ipod, fresh air and some exercise. Finally.

Besos Guapos! Pictures will come, promise! AMOR


Det är mycket svart att leva.
Man maste ta risker, följa vissa vägar och överge andra.

Longing for clubing

What is up with me and going out lately? I just want to go out EVERY day!
Tonight it is Sutton, I really want to go but yeah I finish at 11 PM today and have to start working at 7 AM tomorrow so maybe not.

Madde is coming tomorrow so we are so going out. I have made plans with Patricia and Anika so we are going to a bar with Mojitos for 3.50 € and then the night can take any turn it wants :) I guess we are going to end up at Opium, I dont complain I like Opium. And Madde definatly have to experience it when she is here. David W also wanted to go out, Big time. And Kevin and David S. We are going to have a lot of fun.

Saturday we are goign out again, dont know where dont know how or with who.. I have to wait and see. This weekend have to contain some touristing aswell if Madde wants to. I so want to go Shopping!

Let me know if you want to do something this weekend, I am so up for it!

Besos Guapos!

Easter Presents

On my way to work I stoped to check if we got any mail downstairs, and guess what? A nice BIG brown envelope for ME! I got so exited! Unfortunatly the bus was so crowded so I had to wait to open it until I got into work. Inside the envelope was two Marabou chocolates, milkchocolate and daim. Mums! And the cutest little bunny rabbit I have ever seen, it so cute and soft I can look at it forever. Thank you MUM I LOVE YOU! Check out the cute stuffed animals on: http://www.bukowski.se, adorable!

Anais and Blanca also got very exited over my gifts, the Marabou daim chocolate finished in less than 1 hour :) Haha. And it is called "Daajjm" not "daaaijm" Anais ;)


One drink quickly turns into several drinks

I had a horrible day at work yesterday, so much to do and so little time to do it in.
I got happy when I came home and saw Kevin sitting on my sofa :) The guys convinced me to go out for a drink so I quickly changed and packed a goodybag containing Rum, Vodka, lemon and Coke. Me and Oscar took the bus to Johan and Mitches place and David went home with Kevin so he could change.

At Johan and Mitches place we met up with Chrille and we had a couple of drinks, talking and listening to music before we went to Zahara bar. Oscar had big difficulties explaining the meaning of Slät and Slätt to the guys witch turned into extrem argumeents during the entire night. And as it turns out an event called "slät-veckan" will take place in Barca from 5-9 of may, mainly in our apartment. And I have never been happier with myself for making the decision for me and Jonas to stay at a Hostel. Thank you ME!

I had a lovely time and maybe a few drinks to many but a great time. This sumemr is going to be great!

Besos Guapos

David, Welcome Piteee

David Wellborg arrives in 4 minutes!
Can you guess where he is from? ;)

One more Swedee in the apartment, this ship is sinking!
"Leave this world behind"

Time for huging and pancakes :)

Congratulations Barca

now comes Oscar, Jack and Daniels to a location near you! Haha

"Oscar, Jack and Daniels are presented by Coca Cola, Bingolotto and Forex" - haha sunday fun in the kitchen, this was a VERY long monolog that Oscar heald while making dinner today. VERY funny. And soo true! We have picture proof:

100 % focus on the glass, steady look and grip.

Have you seen  any more satisfied look and posture? Haha

Nothing comes between the trio Oscar Jack and Daniels. NOTHING!


How Swedish am I?

Sitting and watching Mama Mia, drinking Swedish coffee and have spent the whole day sunbathing like I never seen sun before. How Swedish aint I? It not like I can deny where I am from.. And when pople are guessing where I am from, SWEDEN is always there first guess. I am proud to be Swedish though.. IKEA, Abba, Knäckebröd, Astrid Lindgren.. you name it!

Pancake Sunday!

I am seriously making this an tradition.

Just finished baking the pancakes and everyone is good! Never happend to me before, the first one always get crapy but NOT today. It a sign :P haha!

We are waiting for David to arrive before eating the pancakes, I also bought icecream, strawberries, banana, chocolate and almonds. It's going to be freakin fantastic.

I had the best day today. My mum woke me up, as always when I am hangover. But the good thing was that I actually wasnt hangover today and the sun was shining.
I started the day with a nice long walk up around Montjuic and then I spent the rest of the day on our balcony. I actually got a nice little tan and the best nap in a very long time.
I woke up, on the balcony, around 6 PM because I was freezing. I look up and these nasty dark clouds are rooling in over the sky. 2 seconds after I got all my stuff inside it starts hailing and thundering. AND I hate thunder, at least when I am alone, HATE it. If you have company it is quit nice and cosy. But no one was home so I crawled down in bed and puted Grey's Anatomy on for comfort.

By the way Jonas: What do you mean by your "who is this I dont have your number": text. How many people in spain actually send you texts saying: "I miss you" ;) ?

I am finishing with a little song:
"David kom hem för vi längtar efter dig, kom innan sommarn e slut lilla David"

Besos Guapos

A CC Night out

A normal Saturday out in Barcelona!

I met up with Megan and LeeAnn around 8.30 PM, we went to El Corte Ingles to buy a birthday gift for Megans Boyfriend. A nice nice Armany aftershave, he got very happy!
Afterwards we went for a drink and something to eat at MY Bar, 1 Mojito and 1 Strawberry Daiuqri later I was ON! Me and LeeAnn moved on to TP to met up with Andreea and 3 lovely beers. And when we already were i nthe neighbourhood why not a turn in at Chupitos.. 7 Shots later.. OMG! I love chupitos! We met a Danish guy in there, he looked REALLY surprised when I started talking danish to him. Yes he entertained LeeANn alright.. ;)

Nice moments:

Laughing sooo hard in TP about work and guests... My stomach hurts today, best workout ever.
"Okey is he trying to hook up with her or mug her?" - Andreea <3

Nice talk in Opium Andreea! Your right I have to CHILL! ;)

I hope LeeAnn made it to work and that Andreea dont hate me TO much today! You can say no baby :P HAHA!

Besos I Love u both!


One single call that lasts less than 3 minutes and it is still the high light of my week :)

In less than 1 Month you come down to Barca! I cant wait. I miss you every day Sis!(Do you remember when we took this picture? Me neither ;) )

All my love <3

News from LR

Michael Korch and Olle Bergqvist is not coming back to Les Roches next semester. Why? Because they both got contracts as professional DJ's in LONDON! Yes thats right, on 2 of the most exclusive clubs in London. So guys I am definatly coming to visit you and yes I expect VIP ;)

I am really gonna miss you in school, who is now going to play at all our events? I wiss you all the luck in the world! <3

Vid floden Piedra satte jag mig ned och grät

Det finns manga sätt att tjäna var Herre pa. Om du tror att det här är ditt öde, ga da och sök efter det. Endast den som är lycklig kan själv sprida lycka.

So not my day!

Yesterday was sooo not my day.

Work was good but then everything went downhill from there.

1) I stressed out from work because it was nice wheater and I wanted to catch some sun before the evening. So I forget my phone in my jacket pocket, so stupid.

2) I had a nice time on our balcony and I fell a sleep, best sleep ever. But I wanted to do something active so I finally desided to return to my lovely gym. I back my bag and actually get exited by going and I arrive, give them my card and everything, and this stupid bitches, yes stupid bitches, who doesnt speak a word of english says that if I want to go to the gym in april I also have to pay for the moth of march. EVEN though I didnt go one single time in march. What the fuck. And this I understand only with my very limited spanish knowledge. But then she continues her life story and I dont get ANYTHING! So she has to call out a guest at the gym, a youngster called Miguel who knows a little English. Then he explains to me that because I am a member and has a mothcard I have to go everymonth or tell them in advance that I am not going to come. AND how the hell will I know in advance that 1. My grandmother is going to die, and 2. that I will get sick and due to my illness it takes my more or less 3 weeks to get well from a simple cold. By this time I was SOO upset. And I tried to explain to them my situation + when we first got the cards this half-englishspeaking-guy that works at the gym aggreed that we could pay for ever moth we want to come. He didnt say anything about letting them know in advance or anything. It feels like they really just wants to earn money from people that dont understand what they are saying. And they didnt even give us some kind of agreement letter och something telling us the conditions of the membership.
So basicly they told me to come back on a regular day to talk to some assistant and the squash coatch because he knew a little english. They didnt let me work out at all and I was so pissed off. I am NEVER going back again. Belive u me. I am just going to start running and power walking by myself and save the money. Even though they give me "right" in this matter and let me not pay for march I will not go, I really dont want to spend my money on a gym that threat its customers that bad. By the way, stay away from Roccafort Esportif!

3) So I walk home again, so so mad and slam the door. Oscar comes out from the kitchen adn wonder whhhat the hell is going on. I tell him and he agrees with me. Feels good but makes me feel even mader at the gym. I take my computer and sit down in the dinning room to cheer myself up with some HIMYM. And what is happening if not that my computer TOTALY freaks out. Nothing worked it just got freezed and I had to restart it like 8 times. 2 HOURS later it started working normaly again and then it was time for bed.

4) I had to wake up early today because I had to take a shower in the morning and since I had such a traumatic day yesterday I didnt have the energy to take a shower. I borrowed Oscars alarmclock because I didnt have my phone :P He sets it for me and everything and then throws it to me, like 2 m distance, and I brake it. Yeah I dont brake it the batteries just flew out but he had to reset the whole thing. Tipical!

After that day I fell asleep like a little baby...

La fin de semana pasada!

A nice weekend with Sara & Sofia that visited from Schweden!

1) Sara and Me at our apt. Pre-drinking before the big night out! Cava Rosé! Mjau

2) Me dancing the night away at Opium!

Kisses, thanks for a great weekend, lets make this one an even better one :D

Häxan fran Portobello

Framtiden är nyckfull, den styrs av beslut som tas här och nu.

Big Spender

Jag har kommit fram till att jag har en sjukt dalig relation till pengar. När jag mar daligt gillar jag att shoppa. Och det händer allt för ofta den senaste tiden. Shopping gör mig lycklig. Sa denna manaden ska jag verkligen försöka att spara pengar, vilket är sjukt svart när man vill ga ut HELA tiden, shoppa en masas fina var och sommar kläder + att folk kommer pa besök. OCH Starbucks, det är egentligen inte SA gott men jag är ända besatt. Avgiftning.es.
H&M's nya var kollektion är ju bara to die for ocksa, billigt och gulligt!

Jag vill ah typ allt! Maste dock halla ut till Mammsen kommer ner pa besök, da ska hon fa bli min personliga big spender :) älskar min mamma! <3

Engelska vs. Svenska

Jag har börjat fundera pa om jag ska börja skriva bloggen pa engelska istället för svenska för att tillfredställa en större crowd. Plus att jag alltid behöver träna pa min engelska. Vad tycker ni?

Kanske borde dra till och skriva skiten pa spanska istället för ultimal träning. Kommer dock sluta med att ingen förstar nagonting, kanske inte värt det :P haha!

Rhodos 2.0

Sa nu är det 100% klart, jag aker till Rhodos den 6 - 13 Juni! Sa sjukt nice!!
Lite meckigt dock, jobba den 5 Juni till klockan 3, flyget hem till CPH klockan 7. Söndagen den 6 Juni gar flyget fran STURUP, assa den flygplatsen är ju ett skämt, klockan 4. Sen 7 underbara dagar i solen med paraplydrinkar och klubbande med Raffe ;) haha. Han och papap hade disskuterat att om jag ville ga ut och festa till det sa var ju dem tvugna att hänga med. Kan bli obehagligt, men ända roligt. Lär inte hända dock :P
13 Juni flyger vi hem sent pa kvällen och landar pa natten pa Sturup. 14 Juni tar jag flyget tillbaka till Barca fran Kastrup klockan 8 pa morgonen och börjar jobba klockan 3. Kan bli slitet men man far ju offra sig lite, sov pa planen!! Jag är mästare pa att sova, kan i princip somna var som helst.

Gud va skönt det ska bli.. Can't wait!

Segraren star ensam

Det finns stunder när livet skiljer vissa människor at bara för att de bada ska inse hur viktiga de är för varandra.



Nu kommer pasken med allt vad det innebär. Självklart har jag fatt ett fint Pask-kort fran Ma, Pa och Pepsi med en present som jag kommer fa imorgon. Allt i sann Tarring-anda.

Hotellet är fullt över helgen med en massa speciella aktiviteter och menyer i restaurangerna. Vi jobbar för fullt med att promota vara restauranger till vara gäster. Detta är första gangen vi har 100 % Occupancy och i princip alla är här för personliga resor, inte med företag, vilket betyder 100 ganger mer arbete för oss.
Men det är kul att ha saker att göra för en gangs skull. Dock väldigt manga spanska gäster sa det blir lite av en utmanning för mig idag och imorgon.

Imorgon är det lördag, jag vill definitivt ga ut. Ska höra med Anika och resten av Call Center gänget om dem är sugna. Souky e väl alltid pa, men LeeAnn och Megan har faktiskt lovat att följa med sa nu far dem allt ställa upp!

Söndag kommer David ner! WEEE! Sa roligt det ska bli, jag och Oscar har verkligen längtat efter lite mer svenskt kött i lägenheten :) Tur att jag är ledig ocksa sa vi kan turista lite och ga ut förhoppningsvis pa söndag :P

Besos Guapos, 6 timmar till pa jobb..

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