Booked my Flights to Europe

The amount of stress that left my body last night after I booked my tickets to Europe is undescribable.
I had been  waiting for my money to get transfered from my Swedish account to my American one for 5 days and I was completely freaked out. I called my mum and made her call up my Swedish bank and everything, felt kind of like a drama queen when I saw that I received the money that same night :P woops.
However, the 16th of May I am leaving Aspen for 5 amazing days in Barcelona.
i have already made reservations at Hotel Arts for a little surprise for my parents, connections is the new black. It is ûber ezpensive but I hope my parents will appreciate it.
We are going to stay in a hotel close to Diagonal Mar, not a favorite of mine but high season starts and it is impossible to get any discounted rates in town at this time.
I CAN'T WAIT for Barca, hmm where do I need to go?
- Rosa Negra
- Opium
- Shoko
- Cal Pep
and shopping oh you belowed shopping...
Barcelona Memories
One of many nights at Chupitos

Ritz-Calton Guest Service Team

Jägermeister-night with Kevin

Thursdays at Sutton

San Jose celebration at Barcelona beach

Last night in Barcelona, climbing the Buddha in CDLC - CHECK!
I love this city


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