Fresh powder to Aspen

Woke up to a couple of inches of fresh powder snow.. it was about time.
We haven't had any snow in the last couple of weeks, even my "hill of death" that I have to walk/slide down to get to the bus has cleared out from all snow and ice and is now walkable :O Who would have seen that coming in the middle of March?
Any who, yeasterday was my St.Patrick's hungover day and is it just me or do you feel so much better when you wake up on these days and it is either raining or snowing? A sunny hungover day is just not manachable for me if I am not ON a beach or on a vaccation where I know that it is exeptable to have your first cocktail at 10 am.
So I spent all yesterday in bed until 4.00 pm and then had a nice shower, got some sushi and breakfast items and then back to bed. :P. haha.
Watched The Iron Lady, which was great, and then a good season of Big Bang Theory.
Slept like a baby!
Today I start my two overnights, hmm either skiing och Breakfast in America with Brittany... WAKE UP BRITT! ;)


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