My Les Roches Blog

Just finished the last touches of my cover page for my Les Roches Blog.
I had such a hard time figuring out what to actually say so I just winged it :P.haha.
I added a bounch of pictures so I hope they will use all of them.
Liza Lilliana, Roro, Alex and Monita are somewhat VIPs in those pictures but all of the HOIII that graduated with me are represented.
I can't wait to get started with this blog, I have so many ideas about what to write, but as I said before; please help me out I aprpeciate all advice that I can get!
Can't help but get a bit sentimeltal looking through all the pictures of my 3 years at Les Roches...
I just have to show you some of the goodies ;)
Scandinavia represents at Culture Night in HOI
Blondie, Ready and Shorty at Le Pub, My Birthday HOII
Me and the boys, Ritz-Calton staff party in Barcelona 2010
Swedish mafia entering Les Roches in July 2009

Most amazing BBQ-Party in the Swedish House, Bluche summer 2011
I miss all of you so much

Postat av: Roro

I want this link granny, when's it gonna be up?

2012-03-08 @ 14:55:20

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