The look on my dads face when he say me in the hotel lobby yesterday was PRICELESS.. haha.
I arrived 8 hrs before my parents so Petra and Slaven came by the hotel, we went down to the mall and got some lunch and then we all took a nice power nap. Then they came by my hotel again and we got al dressed up and sat in the lobby to wait for my parents to arrive. It was a perfect setup with a small halfwall between lobby and the bar so we were hiding behind it with a few glasses of cava and we payed the receptionist to ask them to sit down when they arrived, like the room wasn't ready. The laughters the laughters.
When they were looking away the 3 of us stood up behind this wall and Slaven was filming everything. I swear my dad looked at me like 4 times before he realized it was me. Haha. Too funny.
We all had an amazing dinner at Cal Pep and then Me, Petra and Slaven har a few cocktails at milk and the night ended at SUTTON.
Slaven tried to sell me to some random guys and then the happy couple strated to fight and we went home. The best thing is that I had no memory of this when I woke up this morning, still drunk of my face :P
The 3 Tramsebyxorna ;)
I think I just might stay here.. ohh I love Barcelona <3


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