Summer Shopping

Can honestly say that I did not think my packing through well enough when moving here. I have 0 summer clothes. SO what else to do but shopping? hihi. Not me against!
So Where do we start? SHOES

Bought these Amazing Wedges online at, easy breezy and so comfortable

Decided that I don't have enough sexy sandals so a cute black pair from Maurice

Bought this cool dress on sale, previous 158 dollars but I bought it for 18 dollars, just makes me like it more.

A nice tight thing that made me look uber thin. Love it. And it will be amazing with my balck sandals! Oh yes!

My first and only buy in Aspen so far :P Good thing my friends knows the owner huh?

Bought a cool gold neckles with feathers to pimp up my black onepiece!

A cute little black thing, a bit more sporty but I love it. Will look casual chic, or like Haz would say "You look like you don't care" haha.


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