So we are currently in a hiering face at the hotel and OMG some of the resumes we receive. I can honestly say that I prefer the CV system we have in Europe. These resumes are about five pages long and the most boring essays I have ever read. Who wants to know that you were responsible for making sure the bathrooms got cleaned regulary at the McDonalds you worked at eight years ago? Let me answer it for you, NOONE!
I am quite amazed that we received a good 35 resumes but only one of them have ever worked in a Front Desk, like what? Are you guys serious? I understand, I have applied to some jobs I am not a 100% qualified for but I have atleast a Hospitality Management Education. These guys are engineers, nurses, ski instructors and telephone operators. NO, no, NO. It's a bit frustrating.
Anywho, I am exiting to get some new people to our team, season is starting and I can't wait for the hotel to be busy again!
Anyone wants a job at St. Regis Aspen? :P


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