Last day off before vacation time

Baam baam baam baaam... OH YES vacation is coming closer and closer.
Today is my last day off before leaving so, going downvalley with Haz to get the last few things I need and then I will work, work, work.
Talked to Amanda yesterday and she is coming out to Newark airport to have lunch with me since I have a 5 hour layover out there. Haven't seen her since graduation basically :) Gossip time!
I don't want to say that I need vacation to be honest, I could work the entire season, no problem. It is just that I have made all these plans to surprise my dad, dinner reservations here, brunch there. It has to be amazing! I Miss Barcelona so much as well. Me, David and Oscar had a skype date and talked about all the stupid things we did when we lived there. haha. Our Note-Fridge, Pancake Sundays, Going out several times a week, Picnics. Well it was an amazing time. Not too sure if would enjoy it as much without them though.
It is amazing weather today, compared to yesterday when it was seriously snowing/raining. So I am going for a nice run!


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