Friday, oh you lovely Friday

Doesn't matter if i am working or not, Fridays are always most welcomed!
The feeling of Weekend is coming over me and tomorrow night will be my last night actually doing something before I leave!
So two overnights are done, 5 more to go. And it doesn't feel that bad when you know that Barcelona is waiting around the corner. In a week I will be in Barca, hopefully sipping cocktails down by CDLC or Shoko :)
The best part is that my Dad still doesn't have a clue that I am coming, he still thinks I am going down to San Diego to spend some time with Dennis. Haha.
So the plan is for me, Petra and Slaven to sit in the Hotel Lobby when they arrive with a nice bottle of Cava and act as cool as we can! May the force be with us. And then we are off to Cal Pep for Barcelonas best Tapas! The night will hopefully end in my favorite night club on this planet - SUTTON <3


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