Lately I have had the most f*cked up dreams. You know those that makes you wake up all sweaty and confussed. Several days I have woken up and really had to think of where I am. Checking my phone and realizing that those stupid phone calls, text messages and Whats app things never happened.
Like this morning I woke up and was a hundred procent sure that I would wake up in Malin's bed, yes in Sweden. Cuz I had a dream of all of us going out and then it got a bit too crazy and I passed out. It never crossed my mind that I am in U.S and Lotta in Hong Kong so the chance of that happening is extremly low. I guess that's why dreams are so great. Even the most impossible things can come true =)
I have a feeling that my dreams get more intense when I fall asleep with my computer or TV on, like they are disturbing my sleep in a way. But I have trouble falling asleep without them. I hate when the house is silent.
I guess I won't have any trouble falling asleep tonight, it will be more like passing out. ;) WOOPS.


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