Work, WORK, Work

Is it weird that I am totally in love with my new job?
I am so comfortable in the desk and in the hotel, everyone has been so amazingly nice and welcoming and I love being there.
We have kind of a compleatly new team, in every department so yes mistakes are made and problems do come up but with a bit more training and coaching, specially for me :P, I know that the front desk is going to be the strongest department in the hotel.
Honestly, How can you NOT love this place?
This is a picture of our outside pool overlooking our courtyard and the mainbuilding, fab.

One of our newly renovated double rooms, I love the new design and would not be too upset if I had to stay in one of them for a couple of days, HINT hint.
So yesterday was my third day actually working in the desk, last week I was mainly working in other departments and I also went through one day of orientation.
I think it is so smart of the hotel to send new employees round to other deparments because before actually steping "on stage", as all of us call it, we know where everything in the hotel is and who is who and what they do. I feel so much more comfortable standing in the desk now when I know exactly what Housekeepings procedures are and what can be found in every room and where. I know our reservations system and how to make changes in a reservation if neccessary. I know how the F&B outlets operate, who is responsible for each outlet and what they serve in each one.
I am so proud to be the Front Desk Supervisor at St. Regis Aspen!


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