1 week in Sweden, PLANS!

I can't wait to go home and see all my friends again.
My fatty Sandid, Frankie, Mollebolle, Calle, Monita, Carro, Hanna and many more.
I am already starting to make plans. Me and Calle had a skype session last week and planned to have a nice BBQ in his garden followed by a night out. And we all know how that normally ends up. Me & Calle shoting tequila in Etagé and crawling home at 7.00 am. Haha I can't wait :)
I am also planning for a Tivoli trip to Denmark, cheap beer, rollercosters and candy candy candy. hihi. Had such an amazing time two years ago when I went with Sara, Fiffi, Alex and Nina. However, then I had the pleasure to see Sebilebi as well but since he doesn't live in Denmark anymore :( That will not happen.
My mum already made reservations for hair appointment, facial and the dentist. Never had a hole ever but my teeth are litterally breaking. Don't really know what I do in my sleep.
AND shopping, Mum told me that the stores has such amazing things right now. And since I am staying at least another year or two in the States why not go loco and bring suitecase number 3 to U.S :) Can't wait
Not to forget!! The amazing Kanye West and Jay Z concert with my Boos Sandid and Johan! Promised to invite them out for dinner before the concert as well. I am feeling Babas and lets bring the little once (Frank & Andre)!
Längtar efter er

Mollebolle, Sandid, Lådde, Peppe Plus & Moi


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