Liquid diet in Barca

Had the most disturbing but fantastic conversation with Petra regarding our Barcelona trip.. and the Topic? Promoting a liquid diet, pros and cons.
So the entire conversation started with Slaven asking me to get ready for Barca because we are going to take Partying to a compleatly new level. LIKE. Obviously he didn't know me back when I lived there :P
Then the next morning I woke up to Petra's menu suggestion for the week:
B-fast: Sangria, got to have a lot of vitamins in the morning
Lunch: Cuba Libre, sugar to get through the day
Dinner: Mojitos, nice and herbie
I wasn't quite satified with this since I am mainly going to Barca for the Cava. So I came up with the wonderful idea of snack-time or what we in Sweden call "Mellanmål". To keep the bloodsugar level up nothing else. Check and mate. OR?
Well since we are taking Partying to a new level what about our night-snack or "Nattamat"? Hmm, something a bit more "foody" might be an idea. What about a daiquiri?
Petra insisted of getting some San Miguel beer into the game as well, cuz it is important to drink at least 2 L of fluid each day, even more in a warmer climate. So lets say 3 - 4 L.
All of a sudden my mother's nutritional value talks came into my head and I realized that we probably need a few white russians in the mix, to make sure we get enough calcium. We don't want to get dizzy.
Ending up our conversation we realized we covered most of the nutritional areas:
Vitamins - In the minth of our mojition, apples, oranges and lemon in the sangria and cuba libre
Minerals - Beer includes a lot of minerals
Fat - Well kind of everything on our menu
Carbs - Sugar and what is beer made of again?
But wait, what about protein? Slaven had the perfect idea. Lets just bring some protein pulver and shove that into one of the drinks of the day. Thank you Slaven you saved us! ;)
I am so exited to go with you two! I will see you in 12 days!


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