Official Blogger of Les Roches

I am so proud to b announced as one of the offical Alumin bloggers of Les Roches.
We all had to send in a copy of our curriculum vitae and a couple of our possible topics of the blog prior to acceptace and I am so glad that they picked me.
Plese follow me on my professional side of blogging, Les Roches has been one of the most important parts of my life and I will work 100% to run a professional and up to date blog for all of you to take part of. Please do not hesitate to write comments or suggestions of future topics of the blog. I nees all the help and support that I can get!
However, I need a professional Photoshop user to assist me with some pictures of my blog. All of you that know me knows that I am not the master of professional pictures. I am a poser but just not a serious one )
My LR family... please support me through the next step of my career, you are always on my mind an in my heart <3


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