Career vs. Love.. can you have both?

I am in a phase right now that I am really craving to be with someone, but all I can find over here is like pot heads and no lifers. Yes I have found some amazing friends but that is it. I don't know. .
How many times haven't I heard people say that I am the Ice Queen, strong, confident, but just not the muchi muchi lovie dovie type? Well it hasn't always been like that. I think I was a pretty amazing girlfriend back in the days. I just think moving abroad and around, focusing so much on my studies and working have changed my priorities. And I took a leep of faith and tried to melt my icy exterior and where did that leave me? Alone on my iceberg. Again.
As much as I want someone else in my life when I really start thinking about it I want this time of my life to be about me. I want to have a career and I want to be able to see all parts of the world before really setteling down. And yes I will most likely find another hotel person eventually. But right now I am just not ready to follow someone else and to live their dream. I want to live and fulfill my one.


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