What a B*tch

And I am talking about myself.
I have been in such a Bitchy mood lately and only at work. And no that is not good.
It has come to the point were I am almost scaed of myself when opening my mounth. I have to think about every word coming out of my mouth. Is it the American spirit coming over me?
I just know that these upcoming four days off is well needed.
I am normally the one with a really positive attitude and I am really scared of myself when I am not. But I dont really know what is bothering me. If that makes any sense at all?
Well two of my best friends here have not been speaking to each other for several days, that might be it?
Friend getting layed of at her hotel because of idiot reasons, which makes me really mad.
No human contact from the other side of the Atlantic, might be a bit homesick as well.
Time to turn this mood-boat around


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