The St. Regis Brats taking over the Little Nell

I am so exited!
Haz is coming to pick me up in 20 minutes and then we are going to spend all day and night at the Little Nell Hotel here in Aspen. "Only 5-star prperty in Aspen". SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!
Haz has been working there for quite a time so he gets free nights and he gave it to me, such a sweetheart. So during the day we are just going to hang out, check the 5-star service ;) and get ready for our ultimate posh dinner tonight at Montagna.
Planning to have a nice cocktail gathering before the actual dinner today, I am craving a Mojito so bad and they just can't make them over here. Guess Barcelona will be the one to settle that!
Last time me and Matthew went there for Brunch it was SOO amazing so I have very high expectations for tonight!
Dinner for 8.. Me, Haz, Matthew, Brendan, Janine, Jonas and 2 of Haz's friends. I think it is going to be so much fun. I am sad that Brittany can't make it though :( She has to work but she is coming to spend the night with me in the hotel and for a wonderful champagne breakfast in the morning :)
I think I will fit right in...
Checking out the competition today! They better Bring it!


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