Highlands closing party 2012

OMG the most amazing party I have ever attended.
Woke up a bit hungover at the Nell, not going to lie it was a rough night ;)
Went to buy some breakfast at city market - a cinnamon bun and 2 boxes of strawberries! and then me and Haz went over to my house to pick out my highlands outfit.
Jeans, Longjohns and ski socks meet two undershirts, a fleece and then another undershirt on top. All pink and ready to go but wait! We need fur! One furry hat and an awesome vest later we were ready to party.
Highlands closing party... what to say.
A lot of drinks, crazy outfits and amazing music at the base of the mountain. I have never seen that many people in Aspen before and I am already sad that I wont expereience it next year!
Kim & Brittany

Me & My Favorite Britt
Me & Kim
The crowd at the  base of Highlands Mountain
Hunter, Britt and Richard
Me & Brendan
Me & The Regis Boys!


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