Finally I am at the point when I am the actuall Manager On Duty, I am so proud of myself. I feel that I am moving on pretty fast and I just love y work.
However, last night was a challenge. Second night as MOD and everything just went wrong.
First of all I had a recidence guest approaching the guest at midnight asking for his car and according to procedure I asked the security guard to go and get the car for our guest. 20 minutes later he returned telling me that he could not find the car. WHAT? We seriously had 30 cars in the garage and how hard can it be to find a Toyota in there when the mayority of our guest cars are mayor SUV's. Please.
I might have got a bit pissed but okey, 30 minutes later we had located the guest's car and I only got screamed at for 10 minutes. Ohh happy days.
Next one... the night audit did not go through and it took Galaxy Support desk a good 50 minutes to answer the god damn phone. Breath Tess, breath.
Got that mess figured out and what is the next one?
Morning comes, Aspen invites us to a great snow storm and 25 guest rooms decides to leave even before I get a Bellman to punch in for the day. Caos.
Last but not least.. the Butler comes in at 6.00 am in the morning and it has to be put on his shoulders to figure out that we are running out of coffee this morning. WHAT? Execusse me? IRD is a 24/7 run department and they can not figure out that the coffee we have in stock will not be enough for an entire day of 90% of operations? NOT even a bit okey..
Is it even needed for me to say that a very interesting night turned into an even more disturbing morning? OMG..
Still love it though ;)


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