American Food

I am not a big fan of the food items in general in this country.
Yesterday I had like two slices of Whole wheat toast bread and I could not eat it, it was so SWEET.
I don't even know how they do it over here? I miss Swedish bread :(
Also what is up with Coca Cola over here? I seriously can't drink it, god so disgusting.
Apparently they make it with cornsyrup instead of sugar and it makes it taste horrible and this is the founder country, I expected to be blown away not throwing up and away.
I can honestly say that I never expected to be travelling a good hour to Walmart just to be able to buy Mexican imported Coca Cola, haha.
My stay here have opened up my eyes for Mexico and made me fall a bit inlove with it. I just HAVE to go there before my visit here is over =)
Viva Mexico


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