Movie night turning into a 2am Eskobar night

It was one of those evenings when everyone felt like going to the movies and relax after a long week of work. So myself, Brittany, Matthew and Brendan went to the movie theather here in Aspen, ISIS. And what was on the menu for the evening? THE VOW! YEY, I was so exited that I even took of my mascara before leaving my house and I had my pockets filled with tissues. haha.
OMG, tears was rolling down my and Britt's cheeks, kind of had to look over at Brendan from time to time though to make sure that he wasn't asleep. Not to be all sad and bitchy or anything but can Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams be any hoter? I am so not jealous, or?
So our promise to Brendan for making him go to a lovydovy crycry movie was to go for a drink afterwards. So we went over to J-Bar at Hotel Jerome and got a nice table with some drinks and chips with guacce. Really relaxed, layed back bar with a great mix of people, mostly older than us though. And one drink turned into 2, 3, and even 4, 5 and 6 for Matthew. Don't know how he did it but oh yes he did.
Next stop was Eric's, kind of like this place, 3 bars in one, dark and cozy. Makeout place number one with dark and mysterious mountain men. =). (Haven't done it yet but I feel that it is on the way)
Last but not least; Eskobar. I will never every go there again with the small amount of alcohol that I had in my body. This place was sooo discusting. ISH. Like paper all over the floor, smelling like yeah I don't even know what and everyone being so drunk they almost couldn't stand. I almost started to miss Crans-Montana and le Pub there for a short minute.
Final stop before the busride home; New York Pizza. A heavenly end to a random night. One slice and I was as good as new!


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