Resect to the competition

We had the most amazing day, and night at the Little Nell. .
Me and Haz had an amazing day just drinking Vu, watching Gabriel Iglesias and hanging out. One of his friends worked in private dinning so oh yes, a nicely filled up mini bar plus two awesome coolers filled with Grey Goose, mixers and all kinds of beer.
I don't know if I am proud or sad to say that everything was gone when we left the next morning. Haha. Well It was atleast 5 persons working on it so it is not THAT bad, right?
A romantic dinner for 4 at Montagna was the highlight of my nighe. Me, Haz, Brendan and Matthew. Felt like a true pimp with all my boys. haha. But it was so much fun and the food was AMAZING!
Oysters for me...
And one for Matthew and he finishes it of and ways : I just swollowed a gold fish ;)

Foie Gras for Haz..
Amazing food.. Can recommend Montagna to anyone at any time. And yes it makes it better that my beautiful roommate is the Hostess! :)
After dinne we went back to the room and Austen came with us for a few drinks and then also Birttany came. A couple of more drinks and then me, Brendan and Haz went out for a while. Crazy in Rigold and it was just such a good night!
Sleept like a beauty in the fluffy beds at the Nell... I could go back any day!
Thank you Haz for an amazing day!!


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